Freight Forwarders in South Africa

Mekluc Freight (Spartan)
Argo Freight (South Africa)
Dedicated Freight & Trading (South Africa)
Durban Clearing (South Africa)
KZN Customs Clearing (Malvern)
Lonrho Logistics (Pty) Ltd (South Africa)
Mediterranean Shipping Company (Pty) Ltd. (South Africa)
Megafreight Services (Pty) Ltd. (South Africa)
NATCO Logistics (South Africa)
Trade Ocean (South Africa)
A-Class Intermodal Cargo (Cape Town)
ACiCargo (Pty) Ltd (Cape Town)
Aero Africa South Africa ()
Afridon Freight Services (Durban)
Air Menzies International (Pty) Ltd (Johannesburg)
Airline Cargo Resources Pty Ltd (Johannesburg)
Airlink Cargo International Pty Ltd (Johannesburg Airport)
Aplolor Express Cargo (Johannesburg Airport)
Argus Freight (Johannesburg)
Atrax Logistics SA Pty Ltd (Johannesburg)
AviCape (Pty) Ltd (Cape Town)
Aviocean (Natal) (Pty) Ltd (Durban)
Belfreight Shipping Management Services (Johannesburg Airport)
Berigold Global Cargo (Johannesburg)
BIG Freight(pty)ltd (Johannesburg Airport)
Broadspeed Logistics (Cpt)(Pty) Ltd (Cape Town)
Cargocare Freight Services Pty Ltd (Johannesburg)
Concept Cargo (Johannesburg)
Consolidation & Wholesale Cargo (Pty) Ltd (Johannesburg Airport)
Cypher Logistics (Durban)
Diamond Freight (Johannesburg Airport)
Dirco Logistics (Johannesburg)
DJM Global Logistics (Boksburg)
DN Freight (Johannesburg)
Exclusive Logistics Solutions (Johannesburg)
Express Link Cargo (SA)(Pty) Ltd (Johannesburg)
Federal Clearing & Forwarding Co (Pty) Ltd (Cape Town)
Freight Management (Cape Town)
Freightwell (Pty) Ltd (Johannesburg)
Freightwell Pty Ltd (Johannesburg Airport)
Freightworx CC (Johannesburg)
FT Global Logistics (Johannesburg)
Grindrod Perishable Cargo Agents A Division of Grindrod (South Africa) (Johannesburg)
Hecny Transportation South Africa Pty Ltd (Johannesburg)
Hellman Worldwide Logistics (Pty) (Isando)
Inter-Sped (Pty) Ltd (Johannesburg)
International Trade and Transport Agents (Johannesburg)
International Trade Management (Pty) Ltd. ITM. (Johannesburg)
Intraspeed South Africa (Pty) Ltd (Johannesburg)
Jbez Logistics (Pty) Ltd. (Johannesburg)
JJ's Airfreight c.c (Johannesburg)
KODEN International Logistics (Randburg)
Kuehne + Nagel (Pty) Ltd (Johannesburg)
Logwin Air & Ocean (Pvt) Ltd (Johannesburg)
LUD Logistics (Pty) Ltd (Johannesburg)
Malore Logistics (O.R. Tambo)
Mark V Systems SA Pty Ltd (Johannesburg)
Megafreight Services (Pty) Ltd (Cape Town)
Molly Jawett Logistics PTY (Johannesburg)
Multi Freight Services (Pty) Ltd (Cape Town)
Newsonic Air Freight cc (Johannesburg)
NU Vision Logistics PTY LTD (Johannesburg)
Oriental Shipping (Durban)
PA Cargo CC (Johannesburg)
Personal Effects Logistics (Johannesburg Airport)
Rotterdam Overseas Network South Africa ( PTY ) LTD (Durban)
Royalty Logistics Cc (Durban)
Rsa Global Fowarding (Pty)ltd (Johannesburg)
Sanguine Logistics International (Wilbart)
Schenker South Africa (Johannesburg)
SD Trans Freight (Pretoria)
Sea Castle Freight (Cape Town)
Sebenza Freight Services (Pty) Ltd (Ferndale, Johannesburg)
South African Airways Cargo (Port Elizabeth Airport)
Tranyr Africa Pty Ltd (Cape Town)
Troy Africa (Johannesburg)
Turners Shipping (Pty) Ltd (Durban)
Velocity Freight Services cc (Cape Town)
Zebra Freight (Johannesburg)
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