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AZFreight is the world’s most trusted directory for suppliers to the global airfreight industry, and as such it generates a continuous stream of enquiries and leads for its listed members daily. Our model is simple, and we know what our strengths are. Hence, for over 25 Years, AZFreight has been the central partner directory for demand and supply in Airfreight. Through changing times and extraordinary advances in technology, we have maintained our focus on easing the flow of enquiries, leads and bookings in airfreight.

However, some listings get more leads and more business than others.

In return for the free work we do to put your company in front of potential buyers, we offer paid advertising and Premium Listings. We have refined these products over many years to ensure they provide exceptional value for money. And recently, with the complete re-evaluation of our website, we have come up with even more reasons why it makes sense to be a Premium Listing on

What Makes Your Premium Listing Such Good Value?

For little over £1 per day (€1.1 or $1.3), you can be assured that links to your Premium Listing will be made prominent to more visitors on the AZFreight website. The added links and exposure you get as a Premium Listing will give rise to more potential customers arriving at your page: As the pie chart shows, Premium Listings by far outweigh normal listings in the top 100 companies by page-view. So, as a Premium Listing, your company’s prominence will grow and, with it, industry awareness, direct enquiries, leads and business.

See the full list of benefits for upgrading to Premium, today!

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