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AZFreight is the world’s most trusted directory for suppliers to the global airfreight industry. It therefore generates a continuous flow of enquiries and leads for its listed members daily. Hence, for over 25 Years, AZFreight has been the central directory for demand and supply in global freight.

Premium Listings are for AZFreight’s Most Dynamic Companies

In return for the free work we do to put your company in front of potential buyers, we offer Premium Listings to companies who want more page views, enquiries and direct quote requests from their online profile. Premium Listings are for organisations who are serious about generating more business.

The following chart illustrates how many more page views Premium Listings have had, per 100 listings, than Normal listings. With so many more page views, you can also be sure to get more requests for quotations, more leads and more business on a global level, from the tens of thousand visitors at every month:

Premium and Normal Listings Page Views per 100 Pages. Past 14 Days.
Source: Live from the AZ Website database
On average, Premium Listings are getting 10 times more page-views than normal listings.
Would you like to know why?...

Use our Personalised Interactive Guide to See How Your Listing Will Appear when it is Premium

When you’re logged in, and have an existing listing on, you can use the following sections to see how your Premium Listing will look. This personalised page provides you with an interactive view of how your page will be promoted, and alongside which other companies, around the website. Of the many benefits and advantages Premium Listings have, following are the top four…

Look for the {bolt} symbols for the places you can interact, and for the {info} symbols for further explanation.

1. Be the First Listing Your Prospects See…

Appear on Top of Your Country Page

Country pages are our busiest landing pages. That’s because attracts a lot of search traffic from terms such as ‘{your_facility} in {your_country}’, for example.

Premium Listings are given prime position at the top of the page, so they receive a boost in traffic over and above the other listings in {your_country}.

The example to the right shows how the {your_country} page will look when {your_company} is a Premium Listing. We include an eye-catching link straight to your page, with your logo on it. All other listings in {your_country} can only be found by going to their respective facility listings pages.

This is the first reason why Premium Listings provide remarkable value for the added exposure they give: The boost in traffic to your page from targeted prospects, plus the enquiries and business you can expect from AZFreight’s massive global audience, make your Premium Listing one of the best investments you can make.

And there’s more…

2. Prioritise Who Your Prospects Are…

Choose Who You Get Your Business From!

Not only will you be well-placed for visitors seeking companies in {your_country}, but you can additionally decide which countries you want to receive page-views and enquiries from.

As a Premium Listing, on top of the global exposure you get to AZFreight’s tens of thousands of visitors every month, you can select up to six countries who you especially want to receive business from.

Then, when users of that country visit the site, our unique algorithm will position your listing in front of them like this, on all these pages:

  • on the homepage.
  • on the directory page.
  • in the quick-search bar on all pages.

This ensures your listing is prioritised for enquiries from those countries, and gives additional prominence for your page directly to the users you especially want to reach.

The example Directory Page (left) is shown to all visitors of your selected countries, featuring a promotion link to your page after you upgrade to Premium

3. Top Section in Search Results Every Time! …


Make the Search Results Yours!

When users search the AZ Directory, Premium Listings are shown first and highlighted in green, before all others.

Premium Listings are the only ones to have their logos displayed in these search results.

The Premium company results are randomised to ensure a fair spread of the top position. Normal listings are shown alphabetically.

This is a guaranteed way to get more interest, more click-thrus and more enquiries from our global pool of visitors who are seeking the services you provide in your country.

This alone is a sure way to get more targeted views of your company information, more enquiries, leads and business!

The example search results (left) are how they will appear for a user seeking {your_facility} in {your_country} after you upgrade to Premium

4. Feature with Prominence on All Your Competitor’s Pages…

Popups in the Premium Bar

When users arrive on a listing page, Premium Listings which match the country and company-type are displayed in the Premium bar.

So users can see instantly which listings are the most dynamic of the facility-type they’re seeking, in the country they need it.

Hovering over each of the Premium Listings causes a popup to show displaying your company logo, description and a button-link through to your page.

This provides yet another way you can be sure to attract more interest and enquiries when you upgrade to Premium. It is ultra-high-value exposure to visitors seeking a company like yours in your country.

Try it: Hover your mouse over your company’s promotion pill to the right, and see the pop-up that will appear when you’re a Premium Listing.

As a Premium Listing, your company gets this exposure on every relevant page on the website!

What Makes Your Premium Listing Such Good Value?

For under £1 per day (€1.17 or $1.28), you can be assured that links to your Premium Listing will more visible, more prominent and more frequently shown to the vast user base of AZFreight. Not only that, but our unique country targeting algorithm enables you to prioritise exactly who you get business from.

See What Existing Premium Members Say...

Professional, Reliable and secure
We started using Premium Listings on quite recently, and it has given us a large number of incoming requests. We thank the AZ team who are doing a wonderful job for the global freight community
Ali Sada
Sales & Marketing Manager
Global Freight Nerds
Easiest Way of Getting New Leads!

The AZ Team has really gone to the limit by reminding us whenever there are inquiries, and also if there are any other business opportunities. Upgrading to Premium on AZ is worth every penny as we get to work with many partners around the world, and serve many as well.

Overall, AZ is a very good platform for getting in leads and customers!

Vivian Chan
Acuity International Sdn Bhd
Many Benefits Within Just 2 Months!

Alliance Cargo Express started using Premium Listings on 2 months ago, but we have already seen many benefits.

Our premium listing has brought us a lot of inbound requests.

Alliance Cargo Express strongly recommends AZFreight Premium to all forwarders looking to take their company to the next level.

Nikolay ACE
Commercial Director
Alliance Cargo Express
A Terrific Help for the Global Freight Community

Joining this great network has helped us a lot. Business is not as it used to be. We thank the AZ team who are doing a wonderful job for the global freight community

jonas adjei ntiedu
Manager Extraordinaire
Global stewards Clearing & Forwarding Co ltd
Boosted our Business

AZFreight is much more than a directory. With their close approach they’ve adapted the future to actually help their partners contact new agents and find synergy.

Diego Palazuelos
Almar Logistics SL
Big Step in International Freight Transportation

We started using Premium Listings on quite recently, but we have already seen a number of its advantages. Premium Listing has given us a large number of incoming requests that are relevant, promising and 100% correspond to our area of interest and specialization. and its Premium Listing shows itself as a good tool for attracting new customers in international air freight transportation, as well as a good reference resource for finding a reliable logistics partner abroad.

Alexander Fokin
Operations supervisor
Phoenix Logistics
Great Marketing Platform!

My company has been a Premium Listing on since August 2017. In that time, we have generated over $350,000 as a result of the leads the platform gave us.

AZ has helped Delta Global Solutions to grow a global network of partners and customers, and I am excited to see their new website developments.

We will definitely continue to invest in Premium Membership. For us, it has been among the best marketing investments we have done!

Bahtiyar Nomozbaev
Chief Executive
Delta Global Solutions Ltd
Here’s Where You Find Great Business Partners!

I have known AZFreight for many years and for me, it is a strategic ally in the international transportation business.

Since we began Crossing Continents Logistics, we have supported AZFreight with Premium Membership. I personally think AZFreight offers much more than most international cargo directories and networks. I strongly recommend AZFreight!.

Carlos Ruben Schiratti
Crossing Continents Logistics S.R.L.
Brilliant Forwarder Platform

We are long-term members of AZFreight and have benefitted greatly. It is so helpful to have partners worldwide whom we know we can trust; its members are top quality, quick to respond and ready to assist us. We appreciate their hands-on approach to ensuring we make the most from our membership. We highly recommend this brilliant platform to other forwarders

Marketing Head
Artha Logistics Malaysia
The Best Freight Forwarding Network

Since we upgraded to Premium on AZ Freight, We’ve seen an increase of 300% new leads from overseas!

AZFreight is doing a great job and has given a terrific boost to our marketing sector.

I highly recommend AZFreight Premium to all agents who want to drive their company to the next level.

Ezequiel Devesa
Export Manager
Alinnza Trading London Limited
Professional and Reliable!

I have known AZFreight for all 12 years existence of my company, Cargofast. I’ll explain: When we started back in 2008 and we were very small and did not belong to any Forwarders network, AZFreight was of great help as AZFreight listed Forwarders, and were our only source of support on a worldwide basis for our initial shipments to/from Brazil.

Today we are member of 5 networks, and still we rely on AZFreight, and pay a lot of respect to their listed Forwarders!

Rogerio Fadigas
Director, Intl Operations and Pricing
Cargofast Logistics do Brasil Ltda.
AZ Helped Us Get To The Next Level

We think AZFreight does amazing things for the freight industry by connecting suppliers with buyers on a global scale. We are enjoying our Premium Listing because it raises our company profile in all the countries we want to reach.

All the recent innovations on AZFreight have greatly helped Brunswick, and we will be continuing as a Premium Listing.

Stephen Crane
Managing Director
Brunswick International
Fantasic way to get Business!

Alongside AZ’s new ability to target the countries we need to reach, the publicity of a Premium Listing has given us valuable connections and partnerships worldwide.

Marcin Betkowski
Business Owner
Air Sea Shipping

And Remember…. YOU have complete control…

If at any time, for any reason, you feel dissatisfied with the performance of your Premium Listing you may cancel completely without any obligation…
Your Investment is Secure!

..and We Report Back To You on How Your Listing is Doing

As you may have seen at your account page on, your listing’s page views are recorded and reported showing how well your page is performing. Alongside the direct enquiries you receive from AZFreight, either by phone, email, fax, skype or via your website link, you can use our on-site transparent reporting to check how many page views your page is getting on AZFreight, and also from which countries.

For the complete range of Premium advantages, see the comparison table below.
Then you can choose your preferred payment currency and subscription term.

You're About To Get All These Extra Benefits: Free Listing
Premium Listing
Company Name, Address, Tel., Fax, Skype, E-messaging and Profile
Company Logo Displayed
Live Link to Website
10% OFF Per-impression Advertising
Book geo-targeted per-impression advertising and get 10% off as a Premium Member.
Get Direct Quote Requests
Visitors send you quote requests direct from your Premium listed page.
Guaranteed Invitations to Quote
Quote on ALL freight quote requests for your country.
Direct access to Quote Requester's Email
Get the direct email address of all quote requesters seeking forwarders in your country.
No Other Premiums on Your Listing Page
Your listing is yours' and yours' alone. Remove country-targeted premium listings from it and make it clean from all other advertising.
Promotion in Air Cargo Week
New Premium Listings are welcomed and promoted in ACW Print and Digital Editions (Readership: 24,000)
(6-month to 3-year subscribers only)
Promotion across all Azura International Social Media
New Premium Listings are promoted across all social media platforms (Followers: 18,500)
(6-month to 3-year subscribers only)
Send More Emails
Your email limit to AZListings is 5 per day. Go Premium and you can send up to 100!
5 100
Target Your Visitors by Country
You say what countries you want business from (up to 6), and you'll receive exclusively targeted traffic to your page from the Homepage, Directory page and all listing pages. This is a unique advantage!
Highlighted Top-of-List in All Feature/Country Search Results
Own the search results! Your listing is shown at the top. It is highlighted and displays your contact information, unlike other listings. This too applies on the Homepage, Directory page and all listing pages.
Highlighted Search-as-you-Type Results
Yet more click-throughs from the Homepage, Directory page and all listing pages, from the popular Company Search quick-fill type box.
Immediate Updates to Profile Pages
No more waiting for us to moderate your changes for you.
Link & Logo on All Pages.
Your link and logo appears on all listings pages. Twice if the visitor is from a country you targeted!
Display Videos on Profile Page (10 max).
Having brought them to your page, treat your leads and prospects to rich content about your company.
Contextual Premium Bar Navigation.
A hover popup with your company name is shown in the Premium Bar on all listings of the same country and facility as yours. The popup shows your logo, description and a link to your page.
Your Company Featured on Top of your Country Page.
Country pages are among the most visited landing pages on the site!
On-Page PDF Brochures Displayed.
Yet more ways to furnish your prospects with your strongest material.

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