Centennial Logistics Network

Last update: 27 Oct 2015

Our focus is always member-centric.

“Every dollar you save is a dollar you make!”

Our significant focus will always be on our Members so that they could take advantage of its growth, our efforts will be to benefit our Members with increased volumes and more transactions within a short while after joining Centennial Logistics Network (CLN) and transact with one another. In which, we will also try our best to offer a full range of business opportunities to our Members to better serve their needs and more importantly, their bottom line.

Being part of this network which offers you a unique opportunity to get to know our Members personally and bringing business opportunities and contacts across the world to you as our Member. An annual conference will be held purely for Members of network so that we all can get to know each other.

17 Upper Circular Road, # 02-00 Juta Building, Singapore 058415
Visit Centennial Logistics Network https://www.centennialogisticsnetwork.com/

Airlines Served

Cargomind (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Cargomind (Poland) sp. z.o.o.
Cargomind (Austria) GmbH
Cargomind Slovakia s.r.o
Cargomind (Romania) S.R.L
Cargomind d.o.o.
Cargomind (Hungary) Kft.
Cargomind TOV
Cargomind Croatia d.o.o.
Cargomind (Czech Republic) s.r.o.
Cargomind doo
Cargomind (Germany) GmbH
Premium Association Companies in Singapore
  • InFinite Connection Pte Ltd
    InFinite Connection Pte Ltd
    Association in Singapore
    InFinite Connection (IFC8) provides the best for its members in terms of member support, global exposure and security. With the support of WCA, the largest freight forwarding network in the world, we have the expertise and a unique understanding of what logistics networking is all about. Founded in Singapore, where one of the busiest hubs exists, … Centennial Logistics Network Read More »
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