Last update: 20 Mar 2020

WORLDWIDE AIR & OCEAN ALLIANCE (WAA) is an exclusive global network of International Freight Forwarders. We have an innovative approach and have formed a solid network that provides a single unified force as a transnational company. We maintain respect for the independent business of each member and achieve, with personalized service in every country in the world, something that the multinationals have failed to achieve.

WAA launched in 2010 and have partners in + 150 countries  with almost 200 members in 5 continents worldwide.

With WAA you will feel in a great family of forwarders all looking for the same, growing and generate business & shipments.

343, Calle Ignacio Merino 343 of. 301 Miraflores, Lima, Peru, Lima 18, Peru
51 5117723798
Visit WAA | WORLDWIDE AIR & OCEAN ALLIANCE https://www.worldwide-airocean-alliance.com/
Premium Association Companies
  • Motion Logistics Network GmbH
    Motion Logistics Network GmbH
    Association in Germany
    Motion Logistics Network GmbH is an internationally network headquartered in Germany. With 150 members and the establishment in 2014 we have a perfect base to develop your business and to connect you to the world.
  • Overseas Project Cargo Association
    Overseas Project Cargo Association
    Association in Turkey
    Overseas Project Cargo Association is a premium global agent network of professional project freight forwarders and logistics companies. It was launched in January, 2014 to provide a high level of expertise for the transport of XXL cargos and complex project cargo shipments on global scale through its experienced and qualified member agents. You will win … WAA | WORLDWIDE AIR & OCEAN ALLIANCE Read More »
  • InFinite Connection Pte Ltd
    InFinite Connection Pte Ltd
    Association in Singapore
    InFinite Connection (IFC8) provides the best for its members in terms of member support, global exposure and security. With the support of WCA, the largest freight forwarding network in the world, we have the expertise and a unique understanding of what logistics networking is all about. Founded in Singapore, where one of the busiest hubs exists, … WAA | WORLDWIDE AIR & OCEAN ALLIANCE Read More »
  • MIFFA - Minerva International Freight Forwarders Association
    MIFFA - Minerva International Freight Forwarders Association
    Association in Belgium
    Worldwide freight forwarders & logistics association, headquartered in Belgium.
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