AZFreight Quotes FAQ

AZ Quotes FAQ

The AZFreight Quote Request System (QRS) is a free service, and provides the best way for you to get a great price for shipping anything anywhere.

You can go ahead and get a freight quote now using our Free Freight Quote system.

Or check out How to Manage Your Freight Quote Request for a guide and tips on how to ensure it works well for you.

Here are your questions answered (click a question for the answer).

Who will see my Freight Quote Request?

Registered users will have their quote requests distributed to leading Premium forwarders via our email system. Unregistered (guest) users can still post quote requests, and they will be published on the AZFreight website for all relevant Premium forwarders to respond to. Relevant forwarders are those with offices in the countries you are transporting to and from in your quote request. If there are no Premium Members in either of those countries then we will send it to a selection of the most recently active suppliers in each country.

How will I receive my quotes?

Registered users receive quotes securely to their AZ quote requests page, and are alerted by email when they arrive. This method keeps your contact details private.
After that, and when you are comfortable dealing with the company of your choice, you can email them, or telephone them, directly.

Unregistered users are given a unique QRS code for their quote request. Entering this code at the Check My Quotes Page reveals all quotes for that request, plus the email of your quoter for you to respond to.

How long does it take?

If you are registered, we will alert our relevant Premium Members the moment your quote request is submitted. It can take a matter of minutes therefore, before you start getting responses. The timing may depend on what time of day it is for your potential freight partners. Unregistered users may have to wait longer for their quotes to come in. The timing for them will depend on how frequently relevant forwarders check the AZfreight website for new quote requests.

How do I stop receiving quotes?

Registered users can mark their quote requests as satisfied or withdrawn at their quote management page . Doing so turns their quote request off, and prevents it receiving further quotes. Unregistered users have the same functionality at the Check My Quotes Page after entering their QRS code.

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