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Last update: 03 Aug 2020

Formosa Logistics Limited is a supply chain solution provider dealing in freight forwarding, warehouse management, road transportation and customs brokerage for different industry verticals.

We are a licensed customs broker and can provide end-to-end service solutions with our dedicated team of professionals. Besides, we have our own fleet of trucks and trailers to cater the needs to inland cargo transportation.

We are able to deliver flexible, innovative logistics services through our global network. We closely work with our customers to determine the best transport mode or multimodal requirements based on time limitations, cost and freight type.

TCB Bhaban 9th floor, 1 Karwanbazar, Dhaka, 1215, Bangladesh
+880 28189302
+880 281899303
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Airlines Served

Saudi Airlines Cargo Company

Member of

BAFFA - Bangladesh Freight Forwarders Association

Branch Offices

Chattogram Branch: Masud Building 4th floor, 522 Sk Mujib Road, Chattogram, Bangladesh
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