We are currently actively marketing the urgent go now market.. because we have a very long lasting working relationship with the mostly smaller commuter airlines (Sprint Air, Skytaxi, Airest, ASL, Swift and so on) with all these Airlines our parent company has ACMI leases or long lasting charter programs that puts us right in the line to get good buying rates.


Zeus was actually founded because the parent company constantly got the requests to move urgent parts, documents, organs etc. but did not have the knowledge to get this coordinated.


What sets us apart from the mayor brokers in the business is the following :


1/ Our team is formed out of people that truly understand the basic principles. No one of our team is a dedicated sales person. (As you could also see on my LinkedIn page) Our team consists of people with backgrounds in Airline Handling, Airline Operations management, load mastering and or transport backgrounds. (to summarize, a sales person will ask an Airline if something is loadable an doable, we will advise the airline how to best load it and can source the right aircraft with ease) On a personal note I have had on several occasions when working at Network Airline Management or Aviapartner handling, cargo brokers that supervised and did not even know that an AN-12 is rear loadable and needed a handwagon to load for example. 


2/ The person answering the initial email will also be the person supervising the flight, sending movements and following up in detail to achieve the success. We also can go further and arrange with OST,LGG where we have direct airport, handling management contacts for discounted rates etc.


3/ Being relatively new as a firm we also need to get our name out to everyone in the industry that we are trading and offer a highly tailor made and a service with Quality. Hence our rates are marketed as low to gain more initial business. 


4/ We do not operate 3000 flights every month for 100 customers, but we do operate a dozen flights a month for customers that we have a personal good contact with to offer them a great service that has benefits for both in achieving that mutual goal.  


5/ Just try us once you will not be disappointed.



Also in case you go ahead and book flights yourself we can also supervise any flights you might have to OST,BRU,KJK,LIL,LGG.. you can rest assure our supervision contracts do have a clause to void us taking any information for our personal gain and making sure your customers will not be contacted by us directly.

Ostend Airport
Nieuwpoortsesteenweg 887, Room 295, Ostend, 8400
+32 59460203
Visit ZEUS.aero http://www.zeus.aero

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