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Our established supply chain and compliance history mean we are acknowledged as one of the industry’s leading Freight Forwarders and Customs agents which provides added value to our customers. Through our Integrated Cargo System, we can process your required forms for Customs Clearance on your behalf. We will provide you with the necessary information to ensure that your freight, clearances, and deliveries are handled in the most cost-efficient manner in order to reduce any applicable charges you may incur and including avoidable wharf/ airport storage costs. 

Using our agents’ in-depth knowledge of the current Border Force, Customs Clearance, and Quarantine Inspection requirements for all cargoes coming into Australia. Also, to minimize where possible the amount of any; Customs Duty, Excise, Dumping Duty, Wine Equalisation Tax, Luxury Car Tax, and GST on importation and other Indirect taxes that you may be subject to paying. We do this by accurately classifying the products that you import and where possible guide you with required free trade agreements, preference origin duty rates, customs tariff concessions, and policy by-laws to ensure they meet the description of your products. Thus, resulting in customs duty-free or a reduced rate of customs duty payable.

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