FPA Prep Poland

Last update: 21 Aug 2017

Thanks to our strategical location next to one of the biggest inland intermodal terminals for container handling operations in Central Europe (PCC Kutno in the special economic zone), we can provide fast and cost-effective FBA prep services for all e-commerce sellers who import their inventory for the European marketplaces from China, Far and Middle East by rail, sea, air or using road solutions.

Warsaw Airport
Narutowicza Street 39, Kutno, 99-300
+48 770 907 65 91
Visit FPA Prep Poland https://www.fbaprep-poland.eu/

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Premium Freight Forwarder Companies in Poland
  • EDID International
    EDID International
    Freight Forwarder in Poland
    Airfreight, oceanfreight, roadfreight, international freight forwarding, customs clearance, logistics solutions.
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