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Last update: 19 Oct 2017

We are German based multinational logistics company with 2 branches in Turkey, in Istanbul and Izmir. Our mother company also has hub warehouses in Germany, and branches in France, Italy, Romania, Russia, Kazakshtan. We are providing tailor-made logistics solutions to all your needs, mainly as land freight, sea freight, air freight, project cargo, and wareousing. As our main specialty, We have regular weekly land freight departures and wide network possibilities all around EU. Plus we have EU customs, transfer and warehousing possibilities. Additionally we are providing reliable solutions together with reasonable costs for oversize and heavy shipments.



We offer not only quality standarts, but also high flexibility to adjust the customer needs, thanks to your young and passionate energy. And our biggest advantage is that we provide real fast and fluent communication possibility 24/7 and shortening every distance for you. 

Cumhuriyet Bulv, 288/6 Alsancak, Izmir, 35220
+90 4650452
Visit HLC Logistics http://www.hlc-lojistik.com.tr

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