ICA – International Aviation Center Srl

Last update: 21 Aug 2017

ICA – Int’l Aviation Center Srl was incorporated in 1973 and successfully acted as air cargo broker, GSSA and GHA, in Milan, Florence and Rome until 2004 when it suspended its 31 years long biz. It represented in such vest and time major international air carriers. Its founder Mike Salsi who got, in the meantime, onot the real estate biz, is now on the way to put his dormant co. into voluntary liquidation and is offering its assets, shipping licence, name and logo for sale, to air cargo brokers, GSSAs, GHAs or air cargo agents worldwide.

Via 8a Strada 31, San Felice, Segrate, 20090
+39 02 3651 0687
+39 02 753 1283
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