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Last update: 13 Oct 2023

GUANGDONG JAYLEAD SCM CO., LTD was established on January 30, 2018, headquartered in Guangzhou, with a laboratory in Zhongshan, and branch in Yiwu, Sri Lanka, and Dubai. JAYLEAD’s main business is divided into: foreign business agent procurement service in China, cross-border logistics service and foreign trade business.

The company’s current monthly business volume of procurement and cross-border logistics services has reached 40 standard containers, and the customer base is constantly expanding. The global expansion plan of the trading business is also advancing rapidly. Meantime, the company has its own sales companies in two countries and plans to develop several emerging markets in the next two years.

The company has achieved phased results in a series of international supply chain management capabilities from product raw materials, quality control, transportation, and overseas localized sales channel expansion. In the future, with the ongoing efforts of all employees, the company will surely achieve rapid development and win greater achievements.

136/20A, block A, level 3, George r De silva mawatha, Colombo 13, 01300, Sri Lanka
+94 0777069979
Visit Jaylead Pvt. Ltd. http://www.jaylead.com/

Branch Offices

Canton Branch: Xinbaoli Building No.1701, zhongshanliu Road, Canton, China, 515000, China
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