Last update: 20 Nov 2019

3/1 Shawky Abdel Monim, Elnasr St., New , Cairo, Egypt
+20 235659261
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Premium Freight Forwarder Companies in Egypt
    Freight Forwarder in Egypt
    We are pleased and proud to introduce our company services: We have managed to become one of the leading companies in the industry. Being highly prominent in the Egyptian market, we believe that we can make a difference to your company by providing you with our various services.                                                                         Our Services are categorized as follows:  Air / … MYCS Read More »
  • Tiffany Cargo Systems
    Tiffany Cargo Systems
    Freight Forwarder in Egypt
    Tiffany Cargo Systems was established in 1990, since that time, with our dedicated management and team work, we have grown to be one of the best forwarding companies in the textile and garment business. The motivation of our staff members, together with our clients, keep us one step ahead in the market. We are able … MYCS Read More »
  • MYCS
    Freight Forwarder in Egypt
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