NTG Global Transportation Ltd

Last update: 09 Jun 2020

NTG Global Transportation and Trade Co. Ltd.
is enjoying its 25th year in international forwarding field in Turkey. As one of the leading logistics providers in the market, NTG offers a wide range of logistics services to its customers and to its partners worldwide.

NTG is also one of the tank operators in Turkey with exceptional service in Bulk Liner ISOTankandFlexiTank.

Since the inception we have been investing in all aspects to perfect our technical know- how, equipments and facilities in order to continuously improve our service quality.

Today, as a result of our experience and investments we are totally proud of announcing that there are no bounds for NTG by transporting cargo from the smallest to project shipments.

NTG has just finished a restructuring process and become a much stronger forwarding company by combining its experience in the market with a brand new professional management concept. During this process, NTG Global has also increased its capital and reached a stronger financial infrastructure.

We have consistently been in the forefront of the provision of quality services and the expansion of advanced technology innovation, and are stared with highly skilled and self motivated individuals, all committed to the improvement and development of our services.

We have strong commitment of developing new business areas with our partners worldwide and we are ready to cover all sorts of inquiries we shall receive from our partners.

Lavanta Sk. Hasanpasa Mah Kadikoy, Etab Is Merkezi A Blok No 16, Floor 3, Istanbul, TR-34722, Turkey
+90 (216) 327 78 85
+90 (216) 327 79 02

Branch Offices

Izmir , Bursa , Mersin Branch: Izmir , Bursa , Mersin, Turkey
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