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Rowyal Company has been operating in Iran since 2009, having the highest percentage of growth in the country’s transportation industry, as well as the most prominent brand in transportation in both countries of Oman and Iran.

Rowyal Trading Co. has been dedicated to the philosophy of facilitating trade between potential business venues through international awareness and cultural sensitivity. We have provided quality and exceptional service to our customers throughout Iran and abroad.  Rowyal Trading Company, with direct access to all of Iran’s export industries, eliminates intermediaries and offers all your needs with the highest quality and the lowest price in the shortest possible time.

Rowyal with many years of brilliant experience in the field of import, export, clearance and transportation of goods, as well as domestic and foreign trade services in all customs of the country with experienced staff in the field of trade, to provide the best commercial services at your service, dear merchants.

No. 13, 6th St., Sanjabi (Behrooz) St., Madar Sq., Mirdamad Blvd., Tehran, Iran
202, Tehran, 1260, Iran
+98 9171199398
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