Last update: 12 Apr 2022

We work hard to make global trade easy and accessible for you. Our network of dedicated sea logistics specialists is active in over one hundred countries, with an in-depth understanding of local regulations. We work in close collaboration with our customers to provide tailored FCL shipping solutions to help them achieve their goals. Whatever you need to ship, we can deliver it anywhere – safely and on time. We also offer customized, flexible and efficient LCL shipping that will help you fulfill your promises and meet your targets. 

Yeni Mah. Ismet Inonu Bulvarı KLAS PLAZA A-BLOK, KAT: 2 - NO: 3/4 AKDENIZ, MERSIN, 33050, Turkey
+90 0 324 239 29 99
+90 0324 239 29 99
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