IATA member

Ryal Logistics Pvt Ltd (freight-forwarder)
COMBIFREIGHT GmbH (freight-forwarder)
COMBIFREIGHT OÜ (freight-forwarder)
ACTION GLOBAL CARGO S.R.L. (freight-forwarder)
BJH Logistics (freight-forwarder)
Daco Logistics GmbH (freight-forwarder)
JG International Freight Corp. (freight-forwarder)
AGS Global Forwarding Ltd (freight-forwarder)
Sea And Sky Logistics FZCO (freight-forwarder)
Universe Logistics (freight-forwarder)
ABS Logistics Pvt. Ltd. (freight-forwarder)
HudHud Worldwide Logistics (freight-forwarder)
Best Bay Logistics (cargo-handling-agent)
Bestforworld International Logistics Co.,Ltd (freight-forwarder)
Crossing Continents Logistics S.R.L (freight-forwarder)
Alliance Cargo Express, Inc. (freight-forwarder)
Marinair Cargo Services Ltd (freight-forwarder)
AIR 7 SEAS Transport Logistics Inc (freight-forwarder)
Grm International Inc (freight-forwarder)
Aver Logistics (freight-forwarder)
Artha Logistics Sdn Bhd (freight-forwarder)
Hubnet Express (express-courier)
Hawthorn Logistics Solutions Ltd (freight-forwarder)
Avialogistika UAB (freight-forwarder)
Velocity Shipping Ltd (freight-forwarder)
Alpheus International Logistics (freight-forwarder)
Pegas Logistics (freight-forwarder)
Avgo Logistics and Training (freight-forwarder)
Pace Logistics (freight-forwarder)
Fantaste Deutschland GmbH (freight-forwarder)
Delta Global Solutions Ltd (freight-forwarder)
iGlobalcargo (freight-forwarder)
Cargo Trade Center (freight-forwarder)
Freight Lines India Pvt Ltd (freight-forwarder)
FitsAir Dubai (PVT) Ltd (charter-broker)
Alden Global Logistics (freight-forwarder)
International Freight Services co Ltd (freight-forwarder)
GEZGIN SHIPPING & TRANSPORT (freight-forwarder)
ABGroup Shipping, Corp. (freight-forwarder)
M.O.G. Logistics (freight-forwarder)
KING LOGISTICS & TRADING INT’L (freight-forwarder)
Latzer Druck & Logistik GmbH (freight-forwarder)
Global Stewards Clearing & Forwarding Co. Ltd. (freight-forwarder)
Cargo Majestic Nigeria Limited (freight-forwarder)
Charter Express (freight-forwarder)
American Cargoservice Inc. (freight-forwarder)
AFS Transport Airfreight BV (freight-forwarder)
Diamond Country Cargo (P) Ltd (freight-forwarder)
RGW Express Sp. z o.o. (express-courier)
ASE Asia Africa Express Logistics Inc. (freight-forwarder)
TRANSFARO (freight-forwarder)
Universal Express International (freight-forwarder)
Leadking Air Services Private Ltd (freight-forwarder)
Bennosky International Services Limited (freight-forwarder)
Synergy International Freight (freight-forwarder)
Flexible Warehouse Solutions (freight-forwarder)
Medicalog Ltd (freight-forwarder)
Andina Freight SAC (freight-forwarder)
RESCO International Freight (Red Sea Shipping Company) (freight-forwarder)
Veritas Global Transportation Inc. (A Landstar Global Logistics Agency) (freight-forwarder)
Air Sea Shipping (freight-forwarder)
Brunswick International (freight-forwarder)
Arma Customs & Dispatch (freight-forwarder)
RGW Express Sp. z o. o. (freight-forwarder)
FENI International Srl (freight-forwarder)
Kai Lojistic Limited Sirketi (freight-forwarder)
InFinite Connection Pte Ltd (association)
Aero Deluxe Shipping (freight-forwarder)
OMEGAir CARGO | OCG (freight-forwarder)
Besma Cargo Europe (Spain) (freight-forwarder)
BSM CARGO GROUP (freight-forwarder)
Access Global Forwarding SA de CV (freight-forwarder)
Red Sea Shipping Company (freight-forwarder)
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