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Last update: 11 Mar 2020

Hawthorn Logistics is a full service freight forwarding company offering its clients a professional and cost effective means of moving their goods and products from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.

We strongly believe that the essence of top class customer service is to listen to our customers and deliver the solutions they need.

Founded by two long term industry professionals, Hawthorn Logistics works across all modes air, courier, sea, road and warehousing delivering top class customer satisfaction through its core philosophy of providing simple solutions in what has become a very complex world.

Within our team we have vast experience of working in all modes of transport and extensive international experience of working in various countries across the globe.

At Hawthorn Logistics we believe that delivering what the customer wants, when they want it, in a cost effective manner is not just achievable but essential.

We believe that consistent and reliable service allied to robust cost management is the key to success. We understand the drivers that dictate the needs of our clients and we design solutions that meet those requirements.

Recent mega consolidations within our industry have led many customers to feel that their needs and requirements are being neglected. The emergence of the ‘one stop shop’ with its ‘one size fits all’ solutions and generic customer service is not conducive to top class customer care.

Efficient cost management is an essential process for any organisation. At Hawthorn we constantly monitor the market. Economic pressures vary throughout the year and this can mean that rates can increase or decrease accordingly. We work closely with our suppliers to manage these changes and can offer savings to our customers based on region, mode or a host of other factors.

We strive to be the ‘supplier of choice’ to those organisations that require consistency of delivery and high levels of personalised customer care.

Unit 1 Northwest Business Park, Ballycoolin, Dublin, Co Dublin, D15NYH4, Ireland
+353 (1) 899 1101
+353 (1) 899 1925
Visit Hawthorn Logistics Solutions Ltd http://www.hawthornlogistics.ie

Member of

IIFA - Irish International Freight Association
IATA - International Air Transport Association
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