What is Your Freight Quote Request Rating (QRR)

Your QRR serves as an indicator of your quote request’s trustworthiness. It is available for registered users of AZFreight. It is updated weekly. It takes account of your quote request volume, the information you provide, and how you have managed your requests.

Example: How your quote request will be headed to your quoters with a QRR rating of 3
QID: 12345
Posted by: username

It uses your login name currently, but you can change it.

Generate more interest in your quote requests, get quicker responses, and save money with a good QRR

Forwarders responding to a freight quote request are encouraged to respond when they have come from a reputable source. Your Freight Quote Request Rating (QRR) is an indication of how you have performed as a quote requester. It therefore provides assurance to your freight partners, and shows you mean business. A good QRR means you are more likely to respond (favourably or not) to their quote.

How to Improve Your Freight Quote Request Rating

Its All About Requests And Responses

A key element is a comparison between your volume of quote requests and your count of responses to the quoter. By quoting and responding you are showing the system you can use its fundamental functions. If you can do that then quoters know you’re playing the game right, and you will get more quotes.

Information Is Everything

Your QRR takes account of the amount of information you have entered in your past quote requests. So, for example, you can enhance your QRR by entering useful information in the additional comments section. You will also boost your QRR by giving precise location details for delivery and arrival addresses in the private comments section. The freight quote request form is designed to gather all the information a forwarder needs to give you a price. Using it well will get you a better QRR.

Monitor and Update Regularly

When you have posted a quote request on AZFreight, you are responsible for keeping it up-to-date afterwards. Therefore, you will get increases in your QRR even when you mark them as ‘withdrawn‘. Plus another increase when you mark your request as ‘satisfied‘. You can also expect an extra boost to your QRR if you select which company won your business – This is offered when you click the ‘satisfied’ box.

Keep it ‘Human’

Finally, an important piece of information which can help or hinder your QRR score is the ‘humanness‘ of your requests. It is human, for example, to post quote requests a few days apart from each other instead of three or four all on the same day. Your QRR takes account of your posting behaviour therefore, and can mark down those who it thinks have not posted in a human way. You will find it helps you to spread your quote requests out therefore. Allow a day or two, or more, in between rather than posting them all at once.

Look After Your Freight Quote Request Rating

As long as you follow these simple guidelines, you will maintain a healthy QRR. That means you can always generate good interest from AZ freight partners. The higher your QRR, the quicker will be your responses, and in more abundance. Then you can get things done quicker and save money with every shipment.

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